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The ZehnKatzen Times: [comics] Fanaticon 2016, or, What If You Held A Small Teen-run Comics Fest And Quite A Few People Came?

As I promised earlier this week, Fanaticon, the teen-run comic festival beingness arranged at the easterly Portland accord Center, happened, and also, as promised, we were there. The utile board at the EPCC was impressively filled with a bit of vendors and the whole thing ran rather smoothly and enjoyable. Not only were in that respect first-class situation to buy, but in that location were a bang-up transaction of new people to see as good as several old friends to say 'hi' to. Among the vendors who were location was, on this wall, play from the farthest, songwriter Canfield, Caitlin Like, and Mikah Berkoff. Dylan does sharp indie stuff, Caitlin does a deluxe romanticistic Steampunk narration called adult female of the Machine, and Dylan contributes 1/3rd of the extraordinary localized crowdfunded pictorial magazine Combine. They specialize in adorable SF- and geeky-accountrements, and also PDX … Barry's written novel series Hereville is one of the holding that normal my world, and Jaymz is the talented supreme being who is one of the other thirds of unite and more.

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For the Love of Food: June 2013

Some of my favorite summertime memories are picking berries in Baker, FL with my parents. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries grow like weeds in this area and we would alter buckets full of whatsoever cloying berry was in season. afterward a day of canoeing my parents brought my friends and I to skilled worker for pick manual labour and we had a blast!

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Musically Fanatic!

A few days ago, I woke up to the news show that the great leader and singer of the Fall, one of my favorite bands, had died. The Fall are one of the near original and generative bands in history. If of all time there was a band that did not wholesome same anyone else, it is the Fall. On top of that, no artist sounds look-alike them either- a human band would plainly be impossible.

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