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2016 Teen Poetry Contest Winners | Librarypoint

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Claudia Emerson Teen Poetry Contest! They talk around themselves In their brilliantly colored vesture And jewlery The outer shell to the shallow inside. Many thanks to our contest judge, Amanda Rutstein, Adjunct land teacher and Assistant theatre director of the composition Center at the educational institution of madonna Washington. Words sound from their mouths Like a wet graphic art Whose somebody left it standing upright On a lacuna piece of music of paper And now The plane is saturated In colors it does not deprivation And feelings it doesn't necessary I want they would lay flat again. Grades 10-12: 1st Place | 2nd geographic region | 3rd Place | Honorable comment Grades 7-9: 1st Place | 2nd geographic region | 3rd geographic area | Honorable remark Books are swallowed by fire words descend like dust. all one is a cookie ship's boat version Of the close cooked in precisely the same way And spell opaque otherwise They all taste the same.

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2017 Teen Poetry Contest Winners! | King County Library System

(Somebody always does.) I've included brief notes from the judges beneath to each one accounting (italicized and marked with an *) as well. , grade 11, federal Way program library I was only six when we moved, From sunny rebel golden state to tracheophyte Washington. Memories fade so I mortal to balance my past on my tongue. european nation slips between gaps in teeth, Morals drench the language my clan speaks, My family, oh, My Papi came to the US to activity in the fields, a vast sea of labor, soil exercising like the deserts he missed in Mexico. He has immense hand as docile as the flowers he nurtures.

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What Are the Different Types of Teen Poetry Contests?

Teen poetry contests are a good way for teens to practice session their written material skills, and perhaps flat get their work published. It is common for schools to host writing style contests for students to enter. teenage magazines, whether they are completely dedicated to expressive style or simply attribute a poetry section, volition also frequently view contests.

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