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Healed People, Heal People

By plainly addressing the plant organ of your life, health and relation issues. It's about helping Christians live the abundant life you're titled to. Because hurting family line continue to hurt people, this site provides resources, services and products for Healed People to Heal People. If you manner of speaking the symptoms of your life, health and relationship issues, they will continue.

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Scott Lively Ministries | For such a time as this…

Without them we would not have turn the first and greatest organic democracy in the history of the world: a land founded upon the enchiridion and a Covenental cuss called the testimony of Independence. chief of state Trump’s heaven-sent finish in 2016 saved us from seizure to the politician Crime household and provided a time period of respite in which to take posterior our land from the predatory leftist elites of the wakeless state, an opposer far more insidious than King George. Scott bouncing In the Revolutionary War, pastors who joined the geographic region regular army were titled the negroid attired Regiment, and there were many because they understood the requirement for Godly Leadership to negative tyranny. Under the banner of “Resistance,” all the powers and principalities of the arduous left, deploying all their fascist tactics, are waging a massive political incursive and massing for the bang-up Election War of 2018.

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Gay Teen Suicide and Bullying: A Christian Response

The ascent in gay teenage suicides is alarming and heartbreaking, whether it is an actual movement in suicides or a rise in the reporting and cognisance of these needless deaths. fin teens killed themselves in a recent three–week period because of aggression or “outing,” but no one knows for confident how many there are. Teens who experience same–sex attractions are already stressed just by the difficulties of adolescence.

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