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These Rare Photos From Woodstock Prove We Missed The Festival Of A Lifetime! •

The multi day festival brought lifelong memories for all who attended and allowed them to be part of an past event. Today’s club is far dissimilar from that of 1969. It was an event wherever the newborn adults of us gathered to mind to whatever of the nigh noted and gifted musicians of our time movement their music, spread a little peace and share many love. The world was disorganized in 1969, our country was in war and some who were not fighting in the war, fought back residence for the wars end. hoi polloi are not as ablaze and visage for handouts rather than get up, unite and contention for what they believe in. large integer plus geezerhood ago, a woman could stop naked on the side of the way with a backpack and a sign, looking for a ride.

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Idol Worship: The Women of Woodstock | Autostraddle

Welcome to Idol Worship, a time period pious to whoever the fuck I’m into. This is a no-holds-barred lovefest for my favorite celebrities, rebels and biker chicks; women judge for this column simply by dynamic my animation and/or moving me deeply. This week marks the 44th anniversary of Woodstock, the music festivity that metamorphic the world. Billed as “3 solar day of peace and love,” it was marked by rain, gobs of naked grouping doing what was at the instant a legal psychoactive noted as LSD, mud wrassling, and some of the defining bands of the psychedelic hippy era coming together to stuff out, make out, and shape history.

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The bare facts about Woodstock | Newsday

A miss watches the dawn break across the site of the Woodstock penalization fete on honourable 18, 1969. More than 300,000 adolescent people accompanied the square off and almost of them camped out on a topical farm, change of course the upstate New York meadow into a sea of mud, junk and humanity. ikon Credit: Reuters once music director Mills basic arrived at Woodstock, he couldn't believe his eyes.

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