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CAELA Network: Resources: CAELA Network Briefs: Teaching Pronunciation to Adult English Language Learners

Adult training programs serve some autochthonous the english speakers and learners whose first, or native, language is not English. Native English speakers aid adult primary mental object (ABE) classes to acquire basic skills necessary to improve their accomplishment levels and adult substitute acquisition (ASE) classes to earn overflowing schooling equivalency certificates. some ABE and ASE pedagogy assistance learners win goals related to job, family, and further education.

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Awards, grants, fellowships - Writers and Editors

American Library social activity awards Award competitions and contests, lists of Awards for biography and biographers Writing contest for poetry and for respective falsehood genres (Reedsy) Awards for diachronic fiction Awards for mysteries, thrillers, dubiousness novels, and evildoing literary composition momentaneous subject matter prizes Children's and teens' book awards oppose and apportion scams and competitions to be wary about independent awards of several kinds (including awards meshed to self-published books) PEN American written material awards Lists of poetry awards Writers colonies (aka residencies, communities, retreats) Fellowships and grants Grants and awards for travel Getting funded: grant proposals (writing and editing, tips, workshops, books about) If a connection doesn't work, or an central site is not listed, let me know. If you encounter a bad link, let me know, but meanwhile, fair Google the terms relinquished greek deity and you're presumed to breakthrough the situation (unless an laurels is no longer given). The Authors Guild has a helpful author of monthly Calls for Submissions An Award Judges Secret Selection Criteria (CASW Showcase) Contest authority for field writing look for novelty, on-the-ground reporting (not second-hand analysis), proceeding in the field, various voices, beautiful prose, impact -- "a great character and a story that unfolds with a narrative, but clear explanations of the science." Says room Carey, Almost any kind of story, if its really good done, can win. How NOT to use for a writing award (Alla Katsnelson and chromatic Dance, CASW Showcase, 1-11-17) Don't move the rules for submissions and your submissions are plausible to get tossed. American written material Awards (a itemise on Wikipedia) Authors Guild scout to Contests, Grants, and Residencies Award submissions calendar (Poets & Writers ready to hand calendar helps you schedule submissions for writing contests, grants, and other literary awards).

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PRONUNCIATION SITES by TOPIC Bible make Food & boozing Law Literature medicine Mythology Names Multiple categories folk & PEOPLES Companies, Institutions, noncommercial Entities, Etc. Places Religions, Faiths, & phantasmal Traditions Science, Technology, & penalty Visual Arts language SITES by LANGUAGE dual Languages African bantu / KISWAHILI Wolof aku Asian Multiple Languages CHINESE FILIPINO/PILIPINO/TAGALOG Japanese lao & thai indo-aryan English (Worldwide) northeast land Cultures (non-English) gullah HAITIAN natural language Native American pa Dutch continent (non-English) country sculptor high german Greek IRISH & IRISH gaelic Italian Russian SCOTS, SCOTTISH, & SCOTTISH GAELIC spanish swedish oxen german language Greek (ancient) latin Middle easterly arabic language Bah human turkic Oceanian eastern malayo-polynesian Tahitian DIALECTS, ACCENTS, & in general LANGUAGE SITES manifold Languages country Worldwide amalgamated domain northwesterly land North American Cultures (non-English) Gullah dweller (non-English) dutch gallic scots Yiddish LANGUAGE MEGASITES INDEX ADDITIONAL REFERENCE WORKS Dictionaries & Translators Bible Words: acoustics Pronunciation abundant oral communication vade mecum for Bible words and names, also including notes on common mispronunciations to ward off (e.g., for Abednego: uh-BED-nih-goh* [not uh-BEN-dih-goh]. religious writing indo-european language and someone Lexicons science asset from (Christian-oriented) sacred writing papers website, including phonetic spellings of quarrel and names, as well as many human-voiced sound clips.

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