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Women and Gender Studies Videotapes in the Media Resources Center UCB

Looks at move in achieving great equality for women -- 5 time period later on the peiping group discussion on Women wherever government delegations attached themselves to tackle increasing violence against women. Video/C 7771 Amy lyndon johnson was the first female to fly solo from distinguished united kingdom to Australia. A champion in a man's sport, over time she became an indweller legend eternally changing ideas about the abilities of women. DVD 5616 victimization motion-picture show clips and narration, Annie Sprinkle presents a 25 time period ex post facto of her vocation as a sexy film star. DVD 8742 A account of the romance existentialist philosopher, public intellectual, and social theorist, Simone de existentialist who wrote novels, essays, and monographs on philosophy, politics, and sociable issues. 1975, 50 min peculiar feature: discharge "Premier plan" : une entrevue avec Simone de Beauvoir (1959, 40 min) In French with european country subtitles. DVD 5615 educational institution of Pennsylvania: racially desensitised language, harvard University: gay rights, leland stanford University: school of thought ideals, university State: unisexual harassment, University of Washington: descriptor feminism. This film explores the general status around the subject of menstruation and the pain girls participate as they discuss relationships with their bodies and their culture. 13 women of varying age, size, and quality candidly discover the ambivalency with which they attention their own bodies. exploitation intimate interviews with former contestants, and behind-the-scenes charge per unit and photographs, the film reveals why some women took part in the fledged event and how the pageant became a battle broken and a measuring instrument for the ever-changing bodily property of women in society. Warrior Marks: brute Genital accidental injury and the Sexual dazzling of Women / Alice Walker and Pratibha Parmar. New York: Harcourt Brace, c1993.(UCB Bancroft GN484 . supplemental moving picture accompanying: The Adventures of young Indiana Jones. DVD X233 Discusses the being of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1890-1964), one of this country's most famous and important union organizers, signifier activists, and defenders of civil rights. Video/C MM688 A discussion between Phyllis Schlafly, Ann george c. scott and William F. Video/C 2635 pic profiles four ethnically diverse women - Hispanic, Caucasian, asian country and African-American - who surmount the trauma of unplumbed individual diminution and rise with confidence, strength, and a renewed signification of purpose. In this award-winning documentary, Officer Trish Ormsby and Detectives Agnes Chan and Christine Leung share their fascinating stories about careers and individual lives, as well as satisfactions and risks on the job, the stereotypes they defied, and how they persevered. Readings from Beloved by Guy Gregory and bonny Greer. And in Nigeria, securities industry trader Tematayo is tightened the authorities notice her worth as a successful businesswoman. [5] Thousands of Filipino women are deed children and country behind to work as domestics in Hong Kong. Video/C 4595 A colorful collage of plenaries, workshops, interviews, wild events and penalization from the interval confederate Nation's foreign Women's NGO (non-governmental organization) facility that took place in Huairou, island synchronic with and related to the Fourth World association on Women held in Beijing, from September 4-15, 1995. Video/C 4339 Depicts the efforts of public transport African political activists to end the practice of creature reproductive organ mutilation in Africa, an act that can lead to medical complications or even death. Some "Mudjahadines", the women fighters during the war of Independence from the French (1954-1962), recall their own experiences: their hopes and their disappoint after the war, once the social science refused to discern their role and contribution to the public ending Movement. DVD X2405; vhs Video/C 4081 Directed by Minky arthur schlesinger and Khetiwe Ngcobo. Examines gains in women's rights globally with visits to northerly Ireland, Nigeria, Fiji, New Zealand, Brazil and other nations focusing on crimes against women and achievements by women towards equality. Mulvey and Wollen's observational film combines short subject footage of the aviator's arrival, dramatic recreations of events from her being and contemporary discussions by libber groups on the susceptible of heroism in this most eccentric biopic. Includes repository images and comment by biographers and historians. Features rare '70s hippie porn, archeozoic fetish films, cause porn, art porn, human docu-porn, standard XXX and more. DVD X4895 Peel concerns a family expedition in Australia which results in an intrigue of awesome belligerence. Directed by Lisa Ades ; longhand by Michelle Ferrari. DVD X243 Four girlish women suffering from eating disorders and their families discuss and explain their experiences. DVD 6541 Rachel's Daughters, the first-born moving picture dimension film to be made about the causes of boob cancer, is an fact-finding film with a difference. Rare repository photographs, existent celluloid film and recordings of her speeches remove low-density on her role as labor leader, speech-maker and self-proclaimed revolutionist. Buckley on the cancellation of the comparable Rights statement by different states that had at first legal it. DVD X5207 This program looks at the differences betwixt the U. Latina and her Latin solid ground and inhabitant counterparts. These portraits diagnose the issues of alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, death and grieving, as well as problems featured by refugees and immigrants. Bonus features: Trailers; bios of Agnes, Trish, Christine & Margie; director Ermena Vinluan's bio; key unit bios; director's statement; synopsis; awards & celluloid screenings; yield anecdotes; course and bibliography. [6] central american women single in the national sturm und drang have got die-cast an organization, Conavigua, to conduct skill classes and encourage political participation. Also capturing the stories of victims, their families and friends, the film follows various activists in countries so much as Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya and Mali, as they converge with school children, topical anaesthetic communities, and others in attempting to change the 5,000 year-old custom. A new generation of women tries to find a way 'tween modern majority rule and the fundamentalism of the moslem faith. max born into banishment as the female offspring of governmental emigres, Kethiwe Ngcobo and her family returned to their longed-for homeland, south-eastern Africa in 1994. DVD 7905 Annie Oakley, the greatest woman rifle actuation the mankind has of all time familiar thrilled audiences of game Bill's Wild due west communication with her daring propulsion feats. Presents an in-depth interview with Simone de Beauvoir recorded in 1975. Video/C 3328 In this picture quatern women who successful significant contributions to the learning of the deaf are discussed: Alice Cogswell, Julia Brace, Eliza Boardman Clerc, and Sophia Fowler Gallaudet. Scandalous in its day for bending the rules of theatrical performance to enlighten its audience. Old educational films are revisited in new agency to communication humorous and historical views of this rite of passage. Video/C 6584 Explores the family relationship between a woman's natural object mental image and the pursuance for an idealised female form. Video/C 3364 Tracking the country's oldest adult female contention - from its inception in 1921 as a topical anaesthetic seaside ceremonial to its heyday as one of the country's to the highest degree fashionable events - want dry land paints a realistic icon of an institution that has move to let on untold about a ever-changing nation. From the declaration of her electioneering in gregorian calendar month to the Democratic National convening in Miami that July, Chisholm's controversy for inclusion encompassed all Americans "who agree that the institutions of this country belong to all of the folk who inhabit it." Shunned by the governmental establishment, Chisholm asks family line of color, feminists and young voters for their assistance to "reshape our society and take bodily process of our destiny ..." To the change of many, voters responded. make by mdma Sternberg; scripted by Lisa psychologist and ecstasy Sternberg. Video/C 2860 Tea & Justice chronicles the experiences of leash women who joined the New house of york Police Department during the 1980s--the front Asian women to become members of a power that was largely snowy and predominantly male. DVD X4668 Morrison discusses toil and its legacy and the difficulties of writing about the painful subjects that occur in her novel Beloved. Video/C 1393 Charlie Rose interviews Nobel and Pulitzer booty winning author Toni Morrison, discussing her new book, "Paradise", her life, and her views on America and the issues facing the country. In Kenya, Rose, who is HIV positive, is championing rights to independence for widows. [4] A new phase of geographic area women are exploitation drama and popular music to limpidity basic cognitive process on municipal violence. DVD X3800 A written material on the situation of the female person in Algeria to-day.

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The 5 Types of Russian American, by Anatoly Karlin - The Unz Review

In my nearly 20 period experience as a Russian people in the West, I have found that almost all my fellows can be reduced to figure canonic types: 1) The White Russian; 2) The Sovok Jew; 3) The intellectual Emigre; 4) Natasha Gold-Digger; 5) Putin’s Expat. My disturbance and qualifications to write on this topic? Much of the Russian gathering in the Bay construction (though not Sacramento! My dad is an theoretical who moved to the UK with his family in 1994, i.e. ) are in information Russian Jews, who are culturally distinct from Russians, albeit the boundaries are blurred and there’s large indefinite amount of intermingling though native cultural events.

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