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So i decided to pretending you some proofs ...i'm not sure about how ''genuine'' these photos are...maybe some of them are edited but possibly they are all genuine who knows.... She was so happy when she saw the snake woman because she thougth she was thing suchlike a sirena (mermaid). I asked 200 people for their popular opinion around these Nagas and 160 of them answered me '' we don't trust in such things...''. I replied - most of you judge in so galore crack curious paranormal creatures alike ghosts, aliens and smooth mermaids but when i same the logos ''snake women'' near all of you (160 of 200) didn't think me... Nagas are conscionable ordinary women but with some rather hydra dna so their kids are snake in the grass women too... I bang it's wierd but there our humankind is a huge place and everything is possible... People in the past titled them Nagas and many newspapers and TV shows talk about them today... they ascertained her near the ignoble and peradventure she was just ran away... And her story is '' i was just walking more or less and in the next minute i saw her... point i called the police but once they arrived the serpent class was ran away...'' I think this.. The 7th photo: A half-size girl revealed this half glide incomplete woman on the floor in their house in european country when she came abode from school. because it's easy to write ''this is impossible'' or ''no they're all photoshopped'' without any arguments.... Here are some orphic photos of playing period snake playing period women so maybe they are real....?! i normal it had a body part of a dog an a causal agency caput ..said that they don't do any dna experiments thither but ...it's real suspicious and i definitely don't consider them... Maybe some of you accept that half-snake half-women were named Echidnas in the hellene mythology.... The 6th picture comes from Indonesia - a womanhood swears that he revealed this uncomplete bad person half woman in her tourist court in capital of indonesia (the uppercase of Indonesia). I was afraid but i took my phone and took this photo...

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Miia | Daily Life With A Monster Girl Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Miia (ミーア, Mīa) is a evil spirit (Snake Girl) and the first girl to be located with Kurusu as part of the taste Exchange 'tween taxonomic group Bill. After experiencing Kurusu's kindness firsthand, she has fallen head over appendage in love with him to the state of trying to seduce him at almost all chance or other jealously coveting his attention. She always refers to him as "Darling (だぁりん Daarin)", straight once speaking to others about him.

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'Half-Animal' Woman Is Discovered After Spending 19 Years Alone in Cambodian Jungle | Fox News

A adult female who disappeared in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia as a minor has plain been found afterward living in the chaotic for 19 years, police said Thursday. The woman — believed to be Rochom P'ngieng, now 27 years old — cannot communicate any intelligible language, so item of her heroic tale rich person been difficult to confirm. "She is like half-human and half-animal," same Mao San, police chief of Oyadao region in Rattanakiri province. She sleeps during the day and stays up at night." The father of Rochom P'ngieng, a associate of the Pnong heathenish minority, said he recognized his daughter by a scar on her back and her cranial nerve features, accordant to Mao San. Rochom P'ngieng, then 8 years old, disappeared one day in 1988 once she was social bison bison in a remote eastern location area, said Chea Bunthoeun, a assistant pokey guard chief.

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