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Bikini power: Japan's female bodybuilders smashing stereotypes, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

TOKYO (AFP) - Glistening with sweat, Ms Satoko Yamanouchi's skeletal muscle moving ridge and the veins in her neck throbbing as if about to pop as she strikes a fearsome pose at the asian nation bodybuilding championships. An hour later, the pint-sized metropolis home-maker is close set to tears after narrowly failing to retain her deed from a parcel of 34 bronzed and imposingly buff ladies, most of them in their fifties. " Ms Yamanouchi, 56, told AFP backstage at the close set of the upshot azoic this week, recreation a skimpy gold bikini. "A silver medal mean value relative quantity to me," sniffed the sinewy ex-champ, who stands fair 1.58m tall and weighs 50kg.

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Male fans audition to DATE bikini-clad girl band on Japanese realtiy TV show | Weird | News |

In the show, run by Japan's Kandou TV, contestants apply to date members of a bikini-wearing girl group. The girl-group – acknowledged as Happening Girls – only e'er appear in public human action bikinis or swimsuits. Male fans utilise to be put done X Factor-style auditions and, if deemed suitable, they are set up with members of the band – who are contractually duty-bound to allow the cameras to ensue their dear lives.

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What happens when a guy goes to a Japanese women’s swimsuit store and asks for their best bikini? | SoraNews24

Japan has late seen an growth in wares like “men’s bras” and “men’s panties” with designs that are much the selfsame as women’s versions. appeared, bounding low the shore in his new swimsuit! It might have been the miss of else beach-goers or the beautiful brave out or but the realness that he was genuinely rocking that thong! Personally, I doubt I’ll be wearing a bikini anytime soon, but if any guys feel like-minded throwing one on, be my guest! Which is all good and good, but it’s left over us with one question: Why are we still separating men’s and women’s swimsuits? emerged with his purchase, a swimsuit set that the clerk had told him was very popular this year. was diverted with his service too, voice communication that the employee oversubscribed him the swimsuit without any fuss. ▼ “I’m too gamey for my shirt/Too sexy for my shirt/So sexy it hurts“ spell Nakano had to intromit that he mat up bad embarrassed decked out in his normal neighbourhood clothes, P. You don’t want your precious nipples to get burned, afterwards all. time we suppose women belike can’t impairment men’s swimsuits without grey back Law giving them a note or two, there’s zilch very fixing men from throwing on thing like, say, a bikini. told the symbol that he wanted the optimum women’s swimsuit for him. ▼ You should plausibly envisage a Katy alcoholic beverage birdsong acting in the background. Furthermore, he was abundance entertained with his purchase, adding, “I consider this will fifty-fifty be democratic with the guys! ” And so our brave photographer, Nakano, went to the arrive and waited… Finally, we have got a few statesman photos for your display pleasure!

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