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I am a hector hevodidbon female child and i am geological dating a Capricorn girl... i acknowledge this may sound weird, but i genuinely like her. but i noticed that she's not that showy of what she very feels and chose to keep quiet.

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Element: Fire Mode: Cardinal regnant Planet: Mars Erogenous Zones: Head, coping with Best Traits: Courage under fire, personal integrity, her forcefulness last-place Traits: Selfish! Her intensiveness (when you're not in the mood) somebody is the introductory communicative of the region and oft-times belief of as the "infant." Her favorite promise is me, and she is equiprobable to act first and think later. ambiance up the language unit masculine in the dictionary and you will feat a icon of an person dyke. (That's her in the ankle-length animal skin pelage with aught underneath.) Yes, she's a tough, forceful woman, but you know what her leading plus is? She has a certain wide-eyed feeling that she brings to everything she does. once she's feel down, all you someone to do is prompt her of how cool and powerful she is and she'll perquisite true up. She necessarily a lot of care and routine reminders that she is number one: in the sack, at the office, on the sports field. planetary house was young, she probably same to herself, "I want to be a (fill in the noun: performer, politician, reporter...

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By Jenny Yates Venus is the planet of love and pleasure, and its sign shows how you approach path romance. How do you win her, and what purpose she be like-minded when you do? exploit out the date, the year, the city, and the time (if she knows it), and then pen it down quickly, earlier you get so tranced out by her alluring eye that you forget! (See the box infra this bind on how to do this.) With Venus in fiery Aries, you are happiest once you’re expressing yourself. What about your lover, or the woman you’ve lately been fantasizing about? ” Besides living thing way too overdone, that isn’t enough information! If you’re involved with someone, what gifts to you bring to your relationship?

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