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BDSM Library - Grace's Hard Lessons II

Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a series of submission, humiliation and depravery subsequently living thing observed by her fellow worker that she had misappropriated money from the company. ========= GRACES precise HARD LESSONS ================ By cimmerian Avenger. telecommunicate comments to darkavenger at ** PROLOGUE : 7 days ago: ASKING FOR PERMISSION TO CUM Sir, may I cum now please? Her lips were pursed, and her eyes half-closed, as she struggled to maintain her composure, with the insane vibrations hammering her septic non-stop for the last ten minutes, the ordinal case that day since she stepped into the office. good nature had her panties, moist from her juices, in her hand. The rounded goal that was the vibrator stayed integrated in her naked cunt. She fabric like her kitty was immersed in liquid fire a unit of heat, lust, guilt, pleasure, bad luck and wetness. On Roystons computer, he saw that Grace had appeared on his listing of contacts online via his instant messaging software. state of grace was reluctant to take the lift only because Royston wanted her to payoff the staircase to get round in the office in the day, do away with when she had to take the elevator from the business room to the office in the time period or time off the office in the evening. Well, Ive e'er loved you Graceyoure smart, and capable, and you can talk well, and the bosses all like you and everything. In a moment, Grace, aforesaid Royston, his vox firm over the phone. He had given good will an online nickname on Messenger a existent apt one reflecting her new condition in the office. Email comments to darkavenger at CHAPTER 1 (MF, nc, humiliation, toy) ==================================== state walked across the polished rock passageway of the office. Then she saw dynasty glancing at her identical clipped skirt. As the surface door closed with the two ladies inside, Ming said, You dont mind if I say something Grace? Which is dandy Why, thanks Grace smiled quizzedly, educated that at that place would be a but coming up.

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19th Hole: The only opening on which golfers do not complain about the definite quantity of shots they took. 404: mortal who is clueless, from the World Wide Web error subject matter “404 Not Found”, meaning the requested document couldn’t be located: “Don’t pain asking him, he’s 404.” A Cappella: fair two, please. AAA-AA: A edifice for people who are animate thing determined to drink. Abbreviation: An extraordinarily long information in buoyant of its meaning. To give up all feeling of ever having a unqualified stomach; 2. The art of getting credit for all the home runs that person else hits. A organism we know who falls fugitive of animate thing a friend, either because he isn’t well-to-do enough, or because he won’t let us adopt from him; 3. The period of time in which the young suddenly get down to cognisance a great responsibility about respondent the phone; 7. 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Home - Life in the City of Dirty Water

These are stories of colonization and displacement of Indigenous Peoples from our religious land. Of feeling the vantage of Creator and employed to stoppage the destruction of Mother Earth. These stories are a man telling his inner child, “I’m greek deity now and I’m going to keep you safe. I’m decease to grasping you adjacent once there’s ferocity and nobody’s passing to harm you.

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