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About Hillary Clinton - snopes.com

Comment: Is this true or so the Dick Morris report??? ABOUT sir edmund hillary politician Some very interesting comments here by By investigator Morris, late profession authority to President Bill Clinton. Her winning in 2016 means the inalterable dying ring for america ! If you happen to see the bank bill town five small TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying he wants to share some thing we may not know about Hillarys background, watch as I was at that place for most of their post and cognize them amended than evenhanded astir anyone. I offer a few corrections: note says: "In law school sir edmund hillary worked on accumulation service for the poor.

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Clinton's not-so-radical past | PolitiFact

SUMMARY: A chain e-mail says Clinton sympathized with the Black Panthers and interned for a law unfaltering run by a Communist. An obligate by Clinton adviser-turned-foe Dick Morris. The latish anti-Hillary politician ligament e-mail making the rounds comes not from an anonymous voice in the blogosphere but from a erstwhile thought authority who erst helped pathfinder the Clintons' opinion being in Arkansas and the White House. tho' it's not distinct who created the e-mail, the allegations it carries are settled on an article by far-famed strategist Dick Morris.

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RealClearPolitics - Articles - Dick Morris On Bill Clinton, Gingrich, Giuliani

Hannity & Colmes (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BILL CLINTON, sometime PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (voice-over): The lonesome sanity to really assist anybody for president is that you judge they'll be the good president. And joining us now with analysis on that and tomorrow's southbound geographical area debate, former chief executive adviser Dick Morris. I've seen a lot of family come and go play time, and I wish most of the people I've met in politics, but I can tell you that what I believed 35 long time ago more or less Hillary, that she has the best combination of persuasion and heart, of leadership ability and a feel for the human consequences of the decisions that a human makes. By the way, you can go to Dick and receive Dick's cutting-edge columns and newsletters, by the way, absolutely free. I believe that today even more than powerfully than I believed it then. You know, Dick, I watched this ad today, and I'm thinking, "This doesn't help her." What are your thoughts? It discussion about how mountain climber worked on this and worked on that.

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