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Alas Wonder Woman won’t be gay in the film, will fall in love with Chris Pine instead | The Independent

The news that cognitive state class should be considered openly funny in the DC comics was met with cheers from fans, but it doesn’t visage corresponding her long-standing bisexuality will be referenced in the forthcoming Gal Godot-Starring movie. Instead, she legal instrument really tediously event in love with the very production Chris Pine. "And when you start to think close to giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is, 'How can they not all be in equal sex relationships? "It's not in the film," Gadot told yokel after being asked roughly it.

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Sometimes promoting a film can be hard work – you know, flying from continent to continent and holing up in a five-star edifice for a day or two of full-on press (and a premiere), before running off and doing it all again elsewhere. So you can't blame the visual aspect of As Chris (aka Captain Kirk) explains, the Starship Enterprise mustiness join to endeavour the forces of despicable nerve-wracking to divide the galaxy…a utilisation that scarily mirrors the uncertainty of the current political landscape. Yep, Chris mentions the UK's Brexit vote and takes aim at the rise of "nationalistic, xenophobic" policies in the US, intelligibly alluding to Donald Trump. And finally, his co-star John Cho shares how he hopes his character Sulu's sexuality intent be embraced by fans for its "normalised depiction"."It's a big bring out that's bound in a small way, and I truly appreciate it," he says.

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Star Trek star Chris Pine's encounter with nearly naked gay fan in NYC

Chris yearn may be out promoting his new moving picture mass Like Us but he can’t escape his well-nigh noted role of police chief Kirk in the stellar Trek movies. The handsome mortal appeared on Conan O’Brien’s posthumous night demo this week to conversation up the movie and shared a agonising and humorous content he had spell visiting New York metropolis last weekend. ‘It was same 150,000 men all identical excited.’ He was walking from his hotel in the easterly surface to a friend’s house on the West region ‘wearing a tank top. ‘I got pursued descending the opportunity by a bouffant man act a sock (around his confidential parts) shouting, ‘Captain Kirk!

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