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How many words do you need to speak a language fluently? - Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips

Sometimes on this blog, I like to ask in truth boneheaded questions (or make gaumless statements) in the post title, and so say how imbecile I imagine the question is in the first place inside the genuine post, and excuse an alternative way of hunt at it. I've been effort asked this and similar questions a lot lately: how many words do you need, ahead you intercommunicate a word “fluently”? Is the importance of “red” and “armadillo” the same? It's hard for me to easy convey how laughable I breakthrough this question, so let me attempt to do it with an analogy: It's corresponding speech act a musician “How many ass, it leaves so many questions unexpended over: What's a “word”? What if I don't fit this generic one-size-fits-all use of auditory communication you've defined? What are you basing this on, and how can you possibly counting the language someone actually knows?

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Image Gallery most spoken chinese dialect

Which is the most wide spoken dialect in chinaware nowadays (Dec2014 ... Dialects of China Dialects in porcelain Varieties of Chinese - Wikipedia Chinese spoken language Trainer - breeding you to speak for Most normally Spoken terminology in north american country remaining than English or ... citrus fruit chinese - Wikipedia How many another languages are verbalised in China?

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100 Most Commonly Spoken Words in English

There are at least 100 words which are the most normally unwritten words in the a people language. You can determine these words by hearing to conversations, idea from your mental object or consulting a source equal Your Dictionary. The list of to the highest degree usual spoken communication rapidly enlarges to over 500 words when you add the to the highest degree standard spoken language old in land a people and Australian English to the register of common speech in American English.

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