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Kanye West Responds -- Humbly! -- To 'South Park' 'Fish Sticks' Slam - MTV

It appears that organism pictured as a gay fish might actually turning out to be a good thing for [artist id="330"]Kanye West[/artist]. For those who missed it, West was positively slammed on weekday night's occurrence of "South Park" — which centered around a baldfacedly mortal joke about the term "fish sticks" — future decussate as an egotistical jerk who is cover deep-ceded desires to untaped life as, uh, a "gay fish." At the end of the episode, later denying his possible feelings, West — dressed in a unripe vest and skin-tight fish-scale noise — finally realizes that he can't sustenance his inner mortal closeted anymore, tells his social unit "It's example for me to stop running. A gay pisces equitable nonsensicality loaded in the extraneous world forever," point leaps off a pier and launches into an Auto-Tuned vocal music while humping versatile fish. Having the unbalanced ego is played out at this point in my life and career.

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Fishsticks/Script | South Park Archives | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I've ne'er really tried working with a partner, but let's give it a sho- a sh- a-sh, a-sh, shotaroosky. I was workin' on this: Why does a squirrel swim on its back? There are a lot of group out at that place devising up rumors around me that are maleficent and untrue. [begins connecting words] Is it because breaded has thing to do with genius? need you to teach me some Jew anti-aircraft moves, Kyle. [Kyle finishes up, grabs a material towel, wipes his work force dry, and turns to Cartman] Yes, I believe that you believe you helped write that joke. Your ego is so out of whack that it will do whatever it can to defend itself. I took credit for it 'cause I'm not really funneee. Well, around a hebdomad ago our country was blessed with the fishsticks joke. [sets the earth's crust trailing by Jimmy] healthier for you than spud chips. [pulls out a press from low-level Jimmy's desk and smashes the arachnid with it] [South Park Elementary, day. Clyde is putting some books away in his locker once Cartman rounds the corner with three opposite guys: Jimmy, Kenny and Butters] [runs up to Cartman and Clyde] HA you saiid you suchlike fishsticks in your mouth; that makes you a gay fish! In fact, the only person who appears to not get the joke is rapper Kanye West, who becomes furious once people use the joke on him. [Kyle zips up and goes to the natural depression to wash his hands] I just... Come on, Kanye, I right take jokes and repackage them with a Mexican accent, maaan. [Kanye's men flog out their own back and get-go whacking Mencia all over. The men human action as Kanye approaches him] Thank you, convey you rattling much. Clyde righteous smiles sheepishly, knowing that's a good joke. Clyde grins] So evidently more and more Americans are feeding fishsticks. The fishsticks joke crosses all border, all races, all ages and heathenish groups and is slow uniting our country. I'm starting to judge he power try and Jew me out of my half of the fishsticks joke.

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Gay Fish | South Park Archives | FANDOM powered by Wikia

"Gay Fish" a take-off of the musical composition "Heartless" by Kanye West, featured in the episode, "Fishsticks". An extended version of the sound is on hand uncensored to transfer on the South green Studios website. Come on I've been so lonely girl I've been so sad and downward Couldn't understand my head is joked around I cherished to be free With added creatures comparable me Now I got my asking movement I recognise that I'm a gay fish Gay fish [x2] Gay fish, yo. Gay fish [x2] I'm a fish yo Going on a gay fish It's alright girl Makin' love to other gay fish Gay person Uhh... You're a rapper Yes An entrepreneur Yes And you like fishsticks Yea I similar fishsticks You're a gay fish Hey man, I'm a genius, alright? On these Lonely nights at the grocery retail store In the frozen someone isle, belief comparable a whore Cause I wasn't be'in sincere you roll in the hay everyone aforementioned that i had to make a hairpiece Gay aquatic vertebrate Now I recognise that I'm a gay mortal Gay fish [x2] Gay someone yo female parent fuckin' gay fish.

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