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French men dress very healed (for the most part) and a lot soul very feminine gestures but are wholly straight. Men in the US, when they formal as put together (no offense to metrosexuals) and have grammatical gender gestures, one can bad much knows that they are gay. I chance this question interesting, not because its interesting in itself (we all be intimate that gay men somebody a gaydar and can acknowledge from each one other, and that if youre not gay, what do you care whether the human in front of you is gay or not ? )I find it interesting, because the person interrogative the question is guilty of thing too many family line from any body politic are blameful of (even me sometimes, even if I try not to) is to guess that your cultural references are universal and not specific to your own culture. No, dont be afraid, I wont go heavy into gender studies (a field thats interesting at first, but becomes a bit idiotic when you get a bit too involved, in my opinion) and I wont go as far as finding examples in outside cultures from places weve never or seldom detected of and wherever gender lines are selfsame unusual and all So, according to , in the US, its simple, straight males are slobs (except for metrosexuals) and gay men are not.

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