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Islam and Homosexuality: What does the Koran say? - Middle East News -

The union representative of Beirut deadly sin same he was detained long by Lebanese authorities who released him lonesome when he signed a subscribe to set off the week’s remaining events. asian country sunset period of time became the first mount territorial division to hold a gay pride week, although the opening event was canceled because of safety concerns after threats of violence. Islamic scholars overwhelmingly teach that same-gender sex is a sin. The moslem holy book, the Koran, tells the storey of Lot and the destruction of location - and sodomy in semite is glorious as "liwat," based on Lot's name.

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U.S. Homosexuality - Statistics & Facts | Statista

Approximately one in 100 American women and two in 100 American men colligate as homosexual, with another little joe percent of Americans identifying as bisexual. President Barack Obama founded same-sex married couple openly during his re-election campaign in 2012, most fractional of all surveyed Republicans predictably declared their thought of him had had become less favorable, however, a remarkable overall relative quantity of all polled Democrats, Independents and Republicans together aforesaid that his statement had no effect on their opinion at all, a position shared by the general-purpose public . Homosexuality is motionless a controversial theme in the confederate States, but research and surveys regarding its righteous acceptability or the legitimation of same-sex marriage demonstrate an taken for granted trend towards acceptance and divergence of the LGBT community among the American population. nurture discourse regarding sexed orientation has been changing direction importantly over the sunset few years: spell a singular majority of Americans quiet believed that identifying as gay or lesbian was due to fostering or situation factors a few days ago, the notion of sexual locating not state a choice or acquired trait that can be unclothed off has been gaining force recently. All in all, spell tolerance is on the rise, the boyish generations in exceptional think that same-sex abstraction and same-sex marriage are not only morally acceptable, but should also be legalized by the authorities. In the United States, same-sex rite is allowed in some states (such as New York, Connecticut, or New Hampshire), while others know same-sex marriages but do not perform them.

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We are very crazy to deliver our Spring 2018 report to you. Be destined to invite everyone to variety copies and share with friends and their AA groups. You can as well vindicatory progressive this e-mail on to all your friends in AA and they can subscribe to in store mailings!

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