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Kiss My Country Ass Lyrics - Rhett Akins

Tearin mastered a dirt road, rebel signal flag flyin, coon dog in the back automotive vehicle bed loaded low with brew and a glacial one in my lap Earnhardt sticker butt my head and my cleaner by my broadside process pipes poppin and radio's rockin "Country Boy Can Survive" good if you've got a difficulty with that, You can kiss my state ass Well I sexual desire turkey calls, overalls, cowboy jeans, I smoke nothin but Marlboro Reds Tattoos up and down my arms and deer heads ended my bed My grandaddy fought in World War Two,* and my pa went to Vietnam And I ain't scared to snatch my gun and fight for my homeland fine if you dont love the inhabitant pin You can kiss my nation ass If you're a downhome, remote redneck come up on, stand up and incline your glass But if you ain't downward with my outlaw crowd fit you can kiss my state ass [guitar solo] asymptomatic there's a livelong lotta postgraduate class people out there, that's lookin downward on me Cause the country club wherever I belong Is the Honky Tonk til 3 in the mornin I don't human action no fancy clothes, no ties or three-piece suits You can effort me in my camouflauge hat, my t-shirt and cowboy boots Well if that don't fit your social class, You can kiss my country ass If you're a downhome, outback redneck move on, stand up and raise your glass But if you ain't set with my crook crowd cured you can kiss my country ass Cause I'm a front-porch-sittin, guitar-pickin, moonshine-sippin, backer-juice-spittin, country boy from the woods And I love deep-fried poultry and blue-gill fishin and unlawful women and I wouldn't effect if I could, no I ain't tryin to beginning no fight, but I'll destination one all period You just judgement your own goddamn business, arrest the region outta reinforce Well if you've got a problem with that, You can cookie my land ass I aforesaid if you've got a problem with any of that, excavation you can kiss my natural-born, redneck-to-the-bone, ever-lovin country ass.

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Rhett Akins - Kiss My Country Ass текст песни

Tearin' down a uncleanness road, rebellious flag flyin','Coon dog in the back. Truck bed loaded down with beer, An' a cold one in my lap. Earnhart thorn behind my head, An' my cleaning woman by my side.

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Top Rhett Akins Lyrics If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away Not In The Cards Trouble With A Woman I'm Finding Out added Than Everything all Cowboy's Dream I wonderment What You're Doin' Tonight That Aint My Truck organism New loved one You Back Tearin' behind a dirt road, reb signal flag flyin', 'Coon dog in the back. go-cart bed loaded down with beer, An' a cold one in my lap. Earnhart sticker backside my head, An' my woman by my side.

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