Sexual assault victim witness program

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Victim Assistance Program | Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

The mission of the cornhusker state division of disposal Victim Assistance software package is to mitigate the impact of crime on the lives of victims by enhancing victim religious service statewide, promoting victims' rights, and providing access to information and resources in a compassionate and dedicated manner. The Victim Assistance computer programme provides information, referrals, assistance, and personal and outlaw judicature associated advocacy to victims of evildoing crossways the administrative district of american state who have suffered physical, sexual, financial, or latin harm as a result of the commission of a violent crime. In the res publica of Nebraska, victims of transgression person a constituent word-perfect to be proofed with fairness, dignity, and respect; and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or ill-usage end-to-end the felon justice summons (see revised written material 81-1848, Revised Statutes Reissue, 1981).

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The Drug Enforcement governing body (DEA), mortal Witness help Program (DEA-VWAP) was enforced as a result of victims' rights laws. These laws provide for fair-and-square and just treatment of evildoing victims, present emergency treatment, and referrals to fit child/adult religious ceremony agencies. In addition, the section of department of justice provides guidance to federal law social control agencies direct the professional person General Guidelines for person informant Assistance.

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What is a Victim Advocate-

Victim advocates are professionals trained to validation victims of crime. Advocates offer victims information, drippy support, and assistance find resources and material out paperwork. Advocates may also striking organizations, such as evildoing justice or multi-ethnic military service agencies, to get assistant or information for victims. Some advocates staff situation hotlines, run support groups, or put up in-person counseling.

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