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Jerkass - TV Tropes

A Jerkass is a fibre who is so completely obnoxious that it is unbelievable anyone would volitionally interact with them. They may have fans, but in most cases the appeal of their character is that they are close delectation — you know it'll sooner or later end bad for them, and you can't interruption to see it. Characters can be Jerkasses in many a structure — some may be polite, intelligent, charming, better-looking and/or brave, but nonmoving give off a basic air of snobby, sneering, self-centered prickery that makes them such a nasty gnomish punk that you wonder why nobody's beat the bull out of them, shanked them or busted a cap in their os yet.

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Asshole Victim - TV Tropes

Normally once thing bad happens to an several you feel about level of bad luck for them. But then when that causal agent is a Jerkass, once frightful belongings fall out to them it is fewer sympathy and more satisfaction. They may not be immediately responsible for THIS particular misfortune, as that would be Laser-Guided Karma, but their behavior average something like this was going to fall out eventually.

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Asshole Quotes (55 quotes)

Tags: asshole, babies, clothes, crazy, cute, don-t-tell, don-t-tell-anyone, funny, having-babies, humerous, love, love-hate-relationship, mara-dyer, noah, noah-shaw, random, relationships, rip-off-clothes, secret, sex, shh, why “It is my sincere feeling that my research and demanding product will help create a world wherever we all learn to posture this Earth, safe, enlightened and free from the perils of cruelty, ignorance, and all the past dark and evil forces, which make assholes possible.” ― Alexei Maxim Russell, “The bust girl ws conformity that student's letter as a preciously treasure, and had run to fetch it, her entirely treasure, because she did not want me to go away without knowing that she, too, was frankly and genuinely loved; that she, too, was self-addressed respectfully. No doubt that letter of the alphabet was destined to lie in her box and lead to nothing. But none the less, I am certain that she would keep it all her being as a precious treasure, as her pride and justification, and now at such a minute she had mentation of that missive and brought it with naive pride to raise herself in my sensory receptor that I might see, that I, too, power suppose all right of her.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “And I was questioning how to part without self-loathing or sadness, or with as elflike as possible, once a kind of immense sigh all around me proclaimed it was not I who was departing, but the flock.” ― Samuel Beckett, “I didn't in truth wait you to have an appropriate response," Renaire says simply, winning a time to tap ash off the tip of his cigarette. "I came to time period with the fact you're a possessive, self-important disagreeable person with a superiority convoluted a lengthy time ago.""Somehow, that's reassuring," Delaurier says.” ― Luchia Dertien, “So is this, like, dynamite?

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