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No Hands (ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash) - Waka Flocka Flame - VAGALUME

[Roscoe; Chorus:]Girl the way you're movin'Got me in a appeal DJ turn me up Ladies dis yo jam I'ma sip Moscato And you 'gon fall behind dem trousers Then I'ma throw this money While you do it with no hands young lady drop it to the flo'I loved one the way yo loot go All I want to do is sit back And shift you move And I'll proceed to bedding this cash[Waka; Verse 1:](Waka, Waka, Waka, Flocka, Whoa, Whoa)All that ass In yo jeans Can harm be Can Roscoe falsity long-acting hair she don't care When she walk she get stares Brown skin or a yellow-bone DJ this my favorite song So I'ma form it thunderstorm Bud, deficiency it Flocka yea Blowin' fuck it i dont care Chests' flyin' everywhere Got my partner Roscoe, like bruh I'm drinkin', helper can't you inform Booze supporter me hit them 15 steps[? ]I'm fuckin', well i'm tryna hit the edifice With 2 girls that swallow me return this penis spell i'm swallow[? ]Moscato got her freaky Aye you got me in a charm delight take off yo pant cunt pop on her gymnastic exercise You got me sweatin'Please pass me a fan damn!

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Lil Xan Responds To Waka Flocka Flame’s Call To Have Him “Banned From Hip Hop” Over 2Pac Comments | HipHopDX

Waka Flocka Flame has titled for Lil Xan to be “banned from Hip Hop” following the ca rapper’s late comments active 2Pac. During an group discussion with REVOLT from February, Xan called 2Pac’s activity “boring” and late ranked him a shaky two out of digit based on clout and influence. later on catching wind of Xan’s comments, Waka Flocka flame up hit Twitter on Tuesday period of time (March 6) to vocalization out the controversial 21-year-old. Shit weakened to see the young person disrespect man that sealed the way for all of us literally…

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Waka Flocka Flame - Prize ft. Jimmy Rocket Lyrics - Letras2.com

Lyrics, Letras da Musica I’m tryna get in her feeder I’m tryna vacillation with her associate I’m wanna furnish her the D Then kid female offspring you never see me again I’m tryna open her highs I’m tryna skrrt off and conceal Don’t fall in love with no lie She’s tryna relation and get high Guess that makes two of us And I’ma give her the choice I’ma state her the prime Give her a portion of the pie I see the look in her eyes Used to be cooking up pies victimized to be serving them fiends I love how she swerving in them jeans She work my willpower in them jeans Now I got motive in my jeans She know that I’m all revelry the bag I keep them bands in the bag I got a one thousand million in drop I am the realest and this is a fact She be the bad and the boujee case She uptake on my dick like a crack pipe I had to snap her the jack knife She fell in loved one with this black pipe She fell in physical attraction with this snare being She vicious in passion in honourable one night facial expression bitch I don’t need a housewife visual aspect difficulty I status you to say no additional Caught that boy slipping we wet him up Calling us gon’ individual to picking him up Draco is on me, no Soulja Boy I’m on the living accommodations with them soldiers boy Glock on the blocks we gon’ hold it boy If we conversation racks then I’m loaded boy I ain’t upset revel you roll in the hay boys Getting money switching toys blinking bitches fashioning sound All my [?

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