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Encyclopædia Dramatica, or ED, is a shitty-ass wiki that united teh internets at least one hundred age ago. Being the sewer of the mankind Wide Web, it specializes in drama, memes, and separate faeces cypher cares about. In archaean 2007, the admins started putting up fake "We urgently need moar money" banners on top of the pages to scam money out of their dumbass readers. The reference Dramatica was supported by a aggregation of 4chan shitholes who were butthurt once Wikipedia wouldn't let them business an article roughly some Live Journal faggot. On May 17, 2007, they closed the site down to make it be as although the place had truly died.

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Topic: ***This just in..Encyclopedia Dramatica founder Girlvinyls' Nudes****(NSFW) — TinyChan

Not precisely but close enough & some with the same inssues re upriver SP TOS issues as well as no Advertisers were lining up for putt in ads By now I hope he has well-read vital lessons re accelerator downward once shit happens. Found it unputdownable that ED and 4Chan were about the same in kin pole re net popularity. I would say more but it ends up golf stroke ideas in peoples heads about how to do a better job of messing up a site.

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Dat Ass - Encyclopedia Dramatica

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