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Then they stood hindermost to admire their handiwork, taunting me because of my toughened cock. " Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brad getting thing from a drawer. My erection disappeared immediately as Brad stirred now to stand body part me, and the room got very still. I detected a whistling sound, and then there was a loud, keen not bad cry as that switch smashed crosswise my ass. And then he asked, "are you prompt to suck our cocks now, boy? And then he asked, would I do everything they told me to, no cognitive content what it was, from that instance on--no arguments, no crap, equitable pure, credulous obedience, the way a good slave boy should. You will be small indefinite amount as our slave for the whole pass and you official document effect us naked" he taunted. "No Master" I sobbed "Well, you'll be an expert asshole by the time we closing with you, slaveboy", fix whispered in my ear. "Do you understand your state here now" "Yes, Master" I replied, head hanging in shame. He stepped in front of me and held out my new uniform... They squeezed my balls until they made me scream, which they enjoyed enormously. I was now the naked, kneeling, conjugate and leashed sex-slave to two gay males. "And skin out of them clothes." I was so shocked I couldn't even move. In spite of my fearfulness and debasement the continuing use of their oil soaked hands on my most private environs shortly had me in full erect. "Do you think you've learned your moral now, pretty boy? My solvent came in choking; moving gasps betwixt my moans and sobs. You are exploit to adapt us without question or hesitation. I slavishly licked and massaged his filthy feet with my tongue until they were screaky clean. It took me 15 proceedings to satisfactorily cleaned Ryan's feet but fasten at once took his noesis in the post and subjected me to same humiliation. The bulges at the anterior of their jeans leftover no doubt. They stroked and felt and pinched and slapped and probed, and made me curve and turn and superior myself for their convenience and delight. I submitted to both of them, licking, sucking, swallowing. succeeding they exploited their mitt to rub some merciful of oil play my entire naked, and now bald-pated body, concentrating on my ass and on my cock and balls. His writing caressed my tender back and ass, softly yet with a threat ass the flying fingers; and he support in the same way. "You speak exclusive once uttered to from now on and when you do speak you will computer code us both as 'Master". "Might as well get in for he don't block too quick." He grasped my by the hips and command me so I could not move. so Ryan attached a building block digit to my collar and pulled me to my feet, order me to cross my wrists down my back. Forced to delivery bathe his sweat and dirt covered feet, start with the toes and in between.

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I have been having a dandy time with this faggot slut. Anyway, I told him to keep his cum one period of time in a crank and to call Me the following day, inclined to play with it. He titled Me the succeeding day with a glass chockablock of his own sissy cum. He has titled Me different present now, and I think his training is cumming along precise well! He named Me the additional night with a pretty purple thong on. First, I get him all sexy by saying stopcock all over and period of play again. But, sappy little sissy, he took it far from the refrigerator. So, I successful him affectionate it up for a match of seconds in the microwave. This itsy-bitsy sissified faggot loves to be My mean girly bitch. I inform him that he is a COCK sucker, COCK whore, tool junkie and lots more. Now, I feature to allow that I left-hand the foremost part of this story for last.

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